50 Essential English Vocabulary List – Part 3

Vocabulary is a crucial point in English conversation & writing. Without knowledge of it, neither can we talk nor write. Like you want to say something or for something, but you don’t know the exact word, or what word needs to use?, in this situation there are very difficult to express or say your thoughts. … Read more

Colon and Semicolon : Punctuation Marks | Written English

Colons and semicolons both are punctuation marks that are very helpful in English writing. Punctuation marks knowledge is very important for English writing because without these marks the meaning of the sentence could be changed or the sentence could be meaningless. Placing these punctuation marks in right place and after the right word is very important. A … Read more

Difference between have, has & had.

The English language is too easy to read, writing & speaking.  But we have to understand some basic concepts like basic grammar, basic vocabulary, etc. Friends today’s post is too interesting, after reading this post you can clear your confusion about the uses of Have, Has & Had. In this post, I will explain to … Read more

How to overcome the fear of speaking in English?

When we go to any unknown place, we fear that location because we don’t know about that place or the people who live there. Similarly, we fear speaking in English because English is not our native or mother tongue language. But trust me my friend you can remove this fear from yourself and you can … Read more

How to talk with confidence in English?

Many languages are spoken in the world but English is one of them, that people express the most. In India, there are approx 12 crore people who can understand or able to speak or talk English. Today lots of the population in India wants to speak English but they can’t do it because of fear … Read more