How to talk with confidence in English?

Many languages are spoken in the world but English is one of them, that people express the most. In India, there are approx 12 crore people who can understand or able to speak or talk English. Today lots of the population in India wants to speak English but they can’t do it because of fear or hesitations. Friends in today’s post ( How to talk with confidence in English?) we will read & learn how we can talk or speak English with confidence like an English native people.

Here are some important tips through that we can achieve your goal which is: How to talk with confidence in English.

How to talk with confidence in English?
How to talk with confidence in English?

Speak Slowly :

If you are not good at English speaking and are in the learning phase then I recommend to you start speaking slowly – slowly. If you speak slowly then it would be very helpful for you for making any sentence and you have sufficient time to think about what you want to speak.

Friends, while talking with one another in speedy mode then there is more chance for any wrong words or any wrong sentence deliver. but if you are talking at a slow speed then the chances are very less. So it’s much better to speak slowly.

I remembered that there was one good political leader whose name was Late. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was speaking very slowly-slowly when talking with anyone but always used good vocabulary, and good words while communicating.

Don’t expect perfection :

Yes! English is not your mother tongue or native language, it’s your second language & you are in a learning period. During this period, there are many chances for mistakes, wrong sentences, and even delivering wrong words. So do not expect perfection in English conversation during this period. Also do not worry about the wrong conversation  & not be scared while talking and keep practicing continue because perfection will come slowly – slowly.  Perfection in talking does not come in one or two days, but it will come sure one day.

Friends, perfection needs time, patience, and practice. Don’t regret yourself, don’t be anxious about the wrong conversation, don’t be scared, and do not hesitate. Avoid all these things and start talking and keep talking in the English language.

Learn from your mistake :

When you start learning a new language there might be more chances for mistakes. It’s a common thing …. everyone doing mistakes….then why you are worried????  hmmm but always learn from your mistakes.

Doing mistakes is not bad, instead of repeating the same mistake again and again. If you did any wrong conversation while communicating, then make a note and correct your conversation as soon as possible. So that it will be helping you next time. And I am sure next time you will not repeat that mistake again.

Remember my friend mistakes or failure are your good teacher if you are ready to learn from your mistakes and you’re ready to make correct yourself.

Keep Practice Continue :

Friends, practice is very important for learning anything. If you want to talk English with fluency and without any hesitation then I recommend to you keep your conversation practice regularly. Practice makes you perfect. keep in mind, more practice means more fluency, better perfection, and better communication skills.

You can make your English conversation practice with your friend, with your parents, and if you are parents then with your child. It’s very easy to keep practicing and learning English conversation.

Friends if there is no choice to talk then you can talk with yourself. You can talk with yourself in front of a glass at your home. I think it’s very easy & comfortable for anyone to talk to themselves in front of a glass. Due to this, you can find your mistakes and you can correct your wrong sentences also.

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Important Vocabulary
  • Hesitations – संकोच , झिझक
  • Expect – आशा करना , अपेक्षा करना
  • Scared – भय , डरा हुआ
  • Perfection – उत्तम , पूर्णता
  • Regret – खेद , पछतावा
  • Anxious – चिंतित , व्याकुल

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