How to overcome the fear of speaking in English?

When we go to any unknown place, we fear that location because we don’t know about that place or the people who live there. Similarly, we fear speaking in English because English is not our native or mother tongue language. But trust me my friend you can remove this fear from yourself and you can speak English like a native person. Yes !!! you can do it. Here are some important tips & tricks which will help you to speak the English language with confidence and with fluency. Let’s grow our English communication…

Why fear?

Fear is a natural thing for human beings. Since we are in the learning period & we are learning the English language which is not our mother tongue. It’s our second language so it could be daunting in learning.

We feel happy in our native language because we are very familiar with that language since our birth.
Slowly slowly we get confidence in our language. After several days or months, we start talking confidently.

I just want to say that confidence or fluency will come after a long time. During this period we have to work hard on communication, we have to speak continually, and we have to make English speaking surrounding.

Fear of speaking English

Fear of Speaking English

How to overcome the fear of speaking in English?


Practice Regularly :

The practice could make you professional. If you make your practice daily, you could be a good English speaker one day. Yes !! It’s right. I remembered that when I started learning English in that days, that time I don’t know how to speak, even unable to understand English. But nowadays I can read, write and speak English very well.

So friends trust me, if you continue to make your practice English reading, writing & talking one day you will be good at the English language.

Practice is very important for proficiency.  You can do for practice many things like reading newspapers, reading textbooks, watching English cartoons or English movies, etc. I am still watching English cartoons & enjoying them.

Start reading newspapers, textbooks, storybooks, or any biography. But make sure you are giving your 100 percent effort and consistency on daily basis.


Find your language partner :

Another good option is making partners for English language learning. I think, if you have a good partner then you can talk with him at your comfortable time. So make a good partner who wants to learn English or wants to speak English. Talk with him on a daily basis on any topic.

I like to talk on many topics like Politics, Education & religion. Politics is my favorite topic, on them I can talk for many hours. Similarly, you choose your topics and talk for at least 2o minutes with your partner on every day on daily basis.

Friends, you can make your partner online or offline. There are many resources from where you can find your right partner for English learning or for English talking.


Join Group :

Joining a group is another good option for English learning. You can find such groups on Facebook, Instagram, or any other Social Media platform. Lots of resources there, from where you can find peoples and makes a group.

If you traveling by train or bus you can make your group there. Find desire peoples who want to speak English or Who really wants to learn English. Join a such group or make your own group and start talking with them. It will help you to make your English better.


Focus on fluency, not on perfection :

Friends, English is your second language and you are still learning it hence you may be not perfect at English speaking because perfection needs more time and more practice.  Yes, it’s right perfection needs more time & more practice.

If it happens to you then I recommend you don’t focus on Perfection at starting days, just focus on fluency only. Once you get fluent in English conversation then focus on perfection.


Build your vocabulary :

Friends in English conversation vocabulary knowledge is very important. The more English vocabulary knowledge you know, the better conversation you can do. So make a list of English vocabulary at least 3000 words & memorize that vocabulary.

There are many vocabulary books available online and offline, get it and start writing vocabulary in a notebook. You can remember at least 50 vocabularies on daily basis. It will help to increase your English speaking.


Listen to native speakers:

A good listener can be a good speaker. While you listening, you have to chance to learn new sentences, new words, etc.  Also, you can build your sentence very easily.

By listening to how native speakers pronounce words and express themselves, you can become more familiar with the natural flow of language. This can help you feel more comfortable when speaking in English yourself.

You can listen to your teacher in school, listen to podcasts, Youtube videos, TV shows, movies, etc.


Be patient with yourself:

Friends one more thing, be patient while you are learning English. If you dread or anxiety about English, then you can not learn English. Learning English is daunting but if you show your patience, if you make practice then you can achieve your goal As soon as possible.

Patience is compulsory for anything for achieving a goal or achieving success. So don’t be fear about English talking just start speaking without any hesitations.


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Vocabulary :
  • Reassure  – समझाना , यकीन दिलाना
  • Dread – डर लगना
  • Anxity – चिंता , घबराहट , व्याकुलता
  • Daunting – कठिन
  • Mess – गड़बड़
  • Pluck – साहस
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