Vocabulary: 200 English words with meaning in Hindi.

English Vocabulary is very important in any type of conversation. It is very important to have knowledge of vocabulary, the more information you have about it, the easier it will be for you to make sentences.

Through today’s post, we will read and remember at least 200 English words. Remember, we do not only have to read and remember the words but also practice them. The more and more we practice, the sooner we will remember those words.

दोस्तों Vocabulary की जानकारी होना बहुत जरुरी है , आपके पास इसकी जितनी ज्यादा जानकारी होगी आपको वाक्य बनाने में उतनी ही आसानी होगी।

आज के इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से हम लोग कम से कम 200 इंग्लिश के words को पढ़ेंगे एवं उसे याद भी करेंगे। याद रहे हमे इन words को सिर्फ पढ़ना और याद ही नहीं करना है बल्कि उसकी practice भी करनी है। जितना ज्यादा से ज्यादा हम practice करेंगे उतना ही जल्दी हमे वे words याद हो जायेंगे।

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Vocabulary: 200 English words with meaning in Hindi.
Vocabulary: 200 English words with meaning in Hindi.

 200 Vocabulary :

Friends, we are given here a 200 list of English words. You learn it and try to make your own sentences. These words are very popular and used by us in day-to-day life.

200 English words for daily use:


S.N English Word Hindi Meaning Example
1 Abate कम करना या घटना , रोक-थाम करना . You have to abate your stomach, otherwise, you can not wear these pants.
You have to reduce your stomach, otherwise, you can not wear these pants.
2 Able योग्य , सक्षम You are able to pass your exam.
3 Abolish समाप्त करना , खत्म करना Abolish your this attitude. This is not good for your health.
4 About के बारे में , किसी के बारे में This book is about Mahatma Gandhi.
5 Above ऊपर , किसी के ऊपर His height is above 6.6 inches.
6 Abuse गाली देना Don’t abuse anyone, it’s a bad habit.
7 Accept स्वीकार करना Always accept your mistakes. It will help to learn.
8 According अनुसार , किसी के अनुसार According to customer care, you will collect your luggage bag tomorrow morning.
9 Acrimony रूखापन , नोंकझोंक , कहा-सुनी The acrimony between the two political leaders reached a boiling point during the heated debate.
10 Across आर-पार , पुरे ( बड़े एरिया में ) I have friends across the world.
The store has branches across the country.
11 Act कार्य करना , एक्शन लेना Don’t act like a fresher.
12 Action कार्य , क्रिया , कार्यवाई , लड़ाई Please take quick action on every weak student for better results.
13 Activity गतिविधि , हलचल , सक्रियता Extra activity, like playing cricket is important for better health.
14 Agree सहमति , राजी होना , अनुकूल होना I totally agree with your points.
15 Agreement समझौता , करार We have an agreement between me and the land owner.
16 Ahead आगे , आगे बढ़ना , प्रगति की ओर I can see the traffic jam ahead, we should take a different route.
17 Air वायु In Mumbai, Air Pollution is too high.
18 All सभी All companies are doing marketing except my company.
19 Allow अनुमति देना Please allow me to catch him, or he will leave.
20 Allude संकेत करना He alluded me a job offer during our conversation.
21 Almost लगभग, सर्वाधिक We almost finished our task before the end of the day.
22 Alone अकेला How long will you stay alone, get married now?
23 Along साथ में , साथ – साथ , बगल में Sachin & Dravid play cricket along with Ganguly.
24 Already पहले से , पहले से किया हुआ I have already done my homework.
25 Also भी,भी साथ ही , इसके अलावा She is a doctor, and she also teaches at a university.
26 Altar वेदी , पूजा स्थल , यज्ञ कुंड The priest (पुजारी ) stood at the altar and began to perform the Aarti.
27 Although यद्यपि , हालाँकि , यद्यपि Although she studied hard for the exam, she still didn’t do well.
28 Always हमेशा , सदैव , सर्वदा , नित्य , लगातार , हरदम She always wakes up in the morning to go for a jog.
29 American अमेरिकन , अमेरिका में रहने वाले नागरिक American like to play football while Indians like cricket.
30 Among के बीच, बीच में , से घिरा , मिलकर The King divided his kingdom among the 3 princesses.
31 Amount मात्रा, रकम, धनराशि He donated a large amount of money to the charity.
32 Analysis विश्लेषण , जांच , छान-बीन The doctor ordered blood analysis to check the right diseases.
33 And और You and I both are Indian.
34 Animal जानवर There are lots of animals in Africa.
35 Another एक और, अन्य, दूसरा या दूसरा कोई , दूसरे प्रकार का The doctor is not available today, plz come back another day.
36 Answer उत्तर Please give my questions answered with yes or no.
37 Any कोई, कोई एक, एक , किसी तरह I don’t have any choice.
38 Anyone कोई भी Does anyone remember him?
39 Anything कुछ भी They play anything on the ground.
40 Appear के जैसा लगना, रूप लेना , पेषी होना , उपस्थित होना The text appears blurry on my computer screen.
41 Apply आवेदन करना I am going to apply for a job at the new company.
42 Approach दृष्टिकोण The company is taking a new approach to marketing its product.
43 Argue बहस करना , तर्क करना , उलझ जाना The couple is arguing loudly in the hotel.
44 Arise उठना ,उदय होना , दिखना A conflict may arise if you don’t handle the current situation.
45 Arm बाजू , बांह , भुजा He broke his arm while playing basketball.
46 Around आस-पास, चारो ओर , इर्द – गिर्द , आस – पास There is a lot of construction happening around the city.
47 Arrive आना , पहुंचना , लक्ष्य प्राप्त करना , पधारना The train will arrive in the next 10 minutes.
48 Art कला , कौशल Playing football is an art.
49 Article लेख, अनुच्छेद The article must be 500 words.
50 Artist कलाकार Ramesh is not only a player but also a good artist.
51 As जैसा , की तरह , जितना , जैसे कि He got a job as a cook.
52 Ask पूछना , प्रश्न पूछना You may ask me any questions.
53 Assume मान लेना , कल्पना करना I assume, there are many people in the hall.
54 At पर ( At Preposition है इस प्रयोग Location & Place बताने के लिए होता है ) My children always go to bed at ten o’clock.
Such people always meet at the bus stand.
55 Attack आक्रमण करना , वार Before the enemy attacks us, we should attack them.
56 Attention ध्यान , ध्यान देना , The teacher asked the student to pay attention during the lecture.
57 Attorney प्रतिनिधि , न्यायवादी The defendant hired a skilled attorney to represent him in court.
58 Audience श्रोता , दर्शक Not even a single audience came to the ground during the match.
59 Author लेखक , रचयिता , ग्रंथकार There were many authors in India during the 19th century, but Munshi Premchand was great.
60 Authority अधिकार The police have the authority to arrest individuals who break the law.
61 Available उपलब्ध , मौजूद The nurses are available always on the 3rd floor in the medical center.
62 Avoid टालना Try to avoid bad habits such as smoking & drinking.
63 Away दूर Be away from my house, I don’t like you.
64 Baby बच्चा , बच्ची Wow !! that baby is too cute.
65 Back पीछे , वापस , पीछे की तरफ He was given back his Job.
66 Bad खराब , बुरा , गुणहीन My health is very bad these days.
67 Bag थैला , झोला As soon as school opens, shopkeepers increase the price of school bags.
68 Bar छड़ , डंडा , / मधुशाला , Construction companies use high-quality bars for making buildings.
Every day bars open after 10 PM.
69 Base आधार , नींव , मूल , तल The base of the statue was made of marble.
70 Bawdy गंदा , अश्लील The party was getting bawdy after midnight.
71 Be होना Don’t be late for the meeting.
72 Beat पीटना , ताल , हराना She beat him easily at chess.
73 Beautiful सुंदर Radhika is a beautiful girl.
74 Because क्योंकि , चूँकि We did it because we felt it was our duty.
75 Become बनना , होना , हो जाना Trisha wanted to become a doctor.
76 Bed बिस्तर Please go to your bed and sleep.
77 Before पहले , पूर्व में I will reach there before the given time.
78 Begin शुरू करना , प्रारम्भ The movie will begin in the next 10 minutes.
79 Behavior व्यवहार , वर्ताव , चाल – चलन His behavior is not good but his brother’s behavior is too good.
80 Behind पीछे , पीछे की ओर , पिछड़ी स्थिति में Don’t leave me behind.
81 Believe विश्वास करना , भरोसा करना I believe he will pass his exam.
82 Benefit फ़ायदा , लाभ Regular exercise has numerous benefits for both physical and mental health.
83 Best श्रेष्ठ , सबसे अच्छा This is the best pizza I have ever tasted.
84 Better बेहतर She worked hard to become a better singer.
85 Between बीच में , के मध्य में The competition is between two girls.
86 Beyond आगे , परे , से अधिक , The party lasted beyond midnight.
87 Big बड़ा I am your big fan.
88 Bill बिल , विद्येयक The bill for their meal came to Rs 4500.
89 Black काला , अंधकार , सांवला Robin is too black hence Rema doesn’t like him.
90 Bleed ब्लीड , खून बहना या बहाना She cut his finger and it began to bleed.
91 Blood खून Blood donation is our primary duty.
92 Blue नीला कलर He wore a blue t-shirt.
93 Board तख़्ता , मंडल , समिति सवार होना She wrote her name on the board.
The airplane started to board at 7 AM.
94 Body शरीर Her body is very slim.
95 Book किताब Please give me that book.
96 Born जन्म Please share your born place.
97 Both दोनों , दोनों लोग Both people are too much hungry.
98 Box डिब्बा This tiffin box is sufficient for me.
99 Boy लड़का This is a boy whose age is 10 years.
100 Break तोड़ना Don’t break any rules and regulations of the school.
101 Bring लाना , किसी को लाना , किसी वस्तु को साथ लाना Rahul, please bring one coffee for me.
102 BringUp साथ लाना , बड़ा करना Parents have the responsibility to bring up their children with good values and principles.
103 Brother भाई Shyam is my big brother.
104 Budget बजट Every month I have to increase my budget because of inflation.
105 Build निर्माण Ramesh trying to build his personality day by day.
106 Building इमारत That building is our school.
107 Business व्यापार Due to corona, I lost my business and start doing a job.
108 But लेकिन , परन्तु Ramesh is very smart but doesn’t have a girlfriend.
109 By द्वारा , के द्वारा Mohit drops me off every day by car to my home.
110 Calcify कड़ा हो जाना These elements would calcify as a rock.
111 Candidate उम्मीदवार , प्रत्याशी There are approx 20 candidates who will fill out the forms in the coming election.
112 Capital राजधानी Mumbai is the capital of Maharastra.
113 Capitol कैपिटील , राजधानी Mumbai is the capitol of Maharastra.
114 Car कार I like my Tata Car, it’s too old.
115 Card कार्ड , टिकट , ताश के जैसा My visiting card is very costly as it’s made by a professional.
116 Care देखभाल We need someone who cares about my baby.
117 Career आजीविका As a career, I like teaching.
118 Carry ढोना , ले जाना Plz decrease your bags wait, I can not put them on my head & carry them on the platform.
119 Case मामला I am too nervous in this case.
120 Catch पकड़ना Rahul, please catch him, do not let him go.
121 Cause कारण The heavy rain caused flooding in many low-lying areas.
122 Center केंद्र My exam center is in Mumbai.
123 Central केंद्रीय The central theme of the novel is love and peace.
124 Certain कुछ For that certain time, I stubbed to stop thinking and then leave it to go.
125 Certainly निश्चित रूप से , जरूर , अवश्य ,यकीनन If you need any assistance, I can certainly lend a helping hand.
126 Chair कुर्सी This chair is made by Neel Kamal company.
127 Challenge चुनौती , ललकार Do not challenge me in football, I am ready for cricket.
128 Chance अवसर You have a good chance to get this job.
129 Change परिवर्तन If you want to get this job then change your attitude and behavior.
130 Character चरित्र , विशेषता Your character can define your living style.
131 Charge शुल्क They charge 500 Rs per month per person.
132 Check जाँच करना Check your bag properly, I kept my purse inside the bag.
133 Child बच्चा That child is too quiet.
134 Children बच्चे , बच्चों का समूह There are many children who are playing football.
135 Choice पसंद , चुनाव , विकल्प You have 2 choices: Sachin & Ganguli.
136 Choose चुनना Please choose any one of them: Rahul & Rohit.
137 Church गिरजाघर This church is near to my home.
138 Citizen नागरिक All Indian citizens need visas for travel to the USA.
139 City शहर Mumbai City is a big & clean city in India.
140 Class कक्षा , वर्ग , श्रेणी I booked my ticket for the sleeper class.
Satyam is in the 5th class this year.
141 Clear साफ़ Your voice is not clear, please speak slowly – slowly.
142 Clearly स्पष्ट रूप से Please say clearly, I can’t understand your thinking.
143 Cling चिपकी , चिपकना Despite the wind and rain, the leaves still clung to the trees.
144 Close बंद करना , नजदीक , पास , घनिष्ठ In this market, all shops close on Sunday.
Ram is my very close friend.
145 Coach प्रशिक्षक , खिलाडी को सिखानेवाला My cricket coach was a national player.
146 Cold ठंडा Drinking too cold water is not for good health.
147 Collection संग्रह , एकत्रित Satyam has lots of collections of books.
148 College कॉलेज , विद्यालय जंहा पर उच्च शिक्षा दी जाती है. There are more than 200 colleges in Mumbai city.
149 Color रंग Rainbows are made of 7 colors.
150 Come आना Please come on time, so that we can complete our task before the end of the day.
151 Commercial व्यावसायिक , व्यापारिक This is one of the biggest commercial properties in Mumbai.
152 Common सामान्य , साधारण , मामूली , समान Blinking is common behavior in animals.
153 Community समुदाय The people of the community we belong to are very poor.
154 Company कंपनी That is one of the start-up company & there are total 50 employees.
155 Compare तुलना करना Don’t compare yourself to anyone because everyone is unique in the world.
156 Comprise समावेश करना , शामिल करना Hey Rahul, please comprise all audio files in one folder.
157 Computer कंप्यूटर , संगणक We are still using an old computer in our office.
158 Concern चिंता , मामला , वास्ता That concern to legal, let him do it.
159 Consumer उपभोक्ता , उपयोग करने वाला There are more than 10 lakhs Air Tel consumers in India.
160 Contain रोकना , समाहित करना अथवा सम्मिलित करना CCTV cameras can stop contain the thief.
A computer contains a mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor, etc.
161 Continue जारी रखना We have to continue our work till the task is finished.
162 Control नियंत्रण , काबू , वस् में You should control your wine-drinking habits, either it can be harmful to your health.
163 Cost लागत The cost of this laptop is approx 50 thousand rupees.
164 Could सकना ( छमता अनुशार ) You could clear your exam.
165 Country देश My country is India and I love it very much.
166 Couple जोड़ा , दम्पति That couple looks very quiet.
167 Course अवधि , किसी चीज की अवधि जैसे पढ़ाई , दवाई. The course for English speaking is 3 months.
168 Court अदालत The high court is closed on every Sunday.
169 Cover ढकना , ढांकना You should cover your bike in the rainy season.
170 Create बनाना , पैदा करना Don’t create a panic situation here.
171 Creep रेंगना , सरकना Dog creeping due to a broken leg.
172 Crime अपराध , जुर्म I think, kissing is not a big crime.
173 Cultural सांस्कृतिक Kathak dance is our cultural heritage.
174 Customer ग्राहक Don’t try to fool your customer because the customer is like a god.
175 Cut काटना , कमी करना He didn’t work the whole day so his salary was cut.
176 Data आंकड़े As per my data & calculation, you will get 6.5 percent hike.
177 Daughter बेटी My daughter’s name is Trisha, she is 7 years old.
178 Day दिन There are 7 days in a week.
179 Dead मृत He was dead due to cancer.
180 Deal सौदा , समझौता The deal is almost done, he will now purchase this property.
181 Death मौत Due to heavy rain, the death number is increased to 10.
182 Debate बहस , तर्क – वितर्क , वाद – विवाद The debate was on politics, but they debated against religion.
183 Decade दशक, दस I love movies made two decades ago.
184 Decide तय करना , निर्णय लेना व् देना , फैसला लेना You decide what you need: a bike or a car.
185 Decision फ़ैसला , निर्णय देना व् लेना Your decision is superior, everyone will follow.
186 Deep गहरा , गंभीर That sink is too deep.
187 Defense रक्षा , बचाव , हिफाजत I am skilled in boxing & I use it in any defense.
188 Degree डिग्री , मात्रा , उपाधि He get his bachelor’s degree in 2012.
Today’s temperature is approx 48 degrees Celsius.
189 Democrat प्रजातंत्रवादी , लोकतंत्र India has always liked the Democratic system.
190 Democratic लोकतांत्रिक India is one of the biggest democratic nations in the world.
191 Describe वर्णन करना Describing love is very difficult, it is not too easy.
192 Detail विवरण , जानकारी Please provide your journey details so that we can book a ticket according to that.
193 Determine ठानना , तय करना Please determine what you want to become in life.
194 Develop विकास करना , विकसित Develop your computer skills if you want clear this exam.
195 Development विकास , विकसित करना , Any development happens slowly – slowly.
196 Devote समर्पित करना Devote yourself to learning, if you want to be successful.
197 Die मरना People will die if they consume high alcohol.
198 Difference अंतर There is no more difference between you and me.
199 Different अलग Your choice and my choice both are different.
200 Difficult कठिन Clearing a B.tech degree is too much difficult.

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