50 Essential English Vocabulary List – Part 3

Vocabulary is a crucial point in English conversation & writing. Without knowledge of it, neither can we talk nor write. Like you want to say something or for something, but you don’t know the exact word, or what word needs to use?, in this situation there are very difficult to express or say your thoughts.

So maximum knowledge is compulsory for English essay writing and for English speaking. Do you know there are approx 1 million words in the English language? Yes right, but we need only 2500 words for better and more efficient communication.

50 Essential English Vocabulary List
50 Essential English Vocabulary List

Essential English Vocabulary List

Friends in today’s post we will learn only 50 vocabularies because we know that we can not learn more than 50 in one day. Also, it is my recommendation to learn 50 is enough, and in the next 50 days, we will learn and memorize 2500 words very easily. so without any delay let’s start …


50 Essential English Vocabulary List – Part 3

Friends in this Vocabulary series, it’s our third article. In the previous 2 articles, we learned many words, if you missed that then I recommend to you plz read that post first. Also, I shared that post below.


English Word Hindi Meaning Examples
Bring लाना , किसी को लाना , किसी वस्तु को साथ लाना Rahul, please bring one coffee for me.
BringUp  साथ लाना , बड़ा करना Parents have the responsibility to bring up their children with good values and principles.
Brother भाई Shyam is my big brother.
Budget बजट Every month I have to increase my budget because of inflation.
Build निर्माण Ramesh trying to build his personality day by day.
Building इमारत That building is our school.
Business व्यापार Due to corona, I lost my business and start doing a job.
But लेकिन , परन्तु Ramesh is very smart but doesn’t have a girlfriend.
By द्वारा , के द्वारा Mohit drops me off every day by car to my home.
Calcify कड़ा हो जाना These elements would calcify as a rock.
Candidate उम्मीदवार , प्रत्याशी There are approx 20 candidates who will fill out the forms in the coming election.
Capital राजधानी Mumbai is the capital of Maharastra.
Capitol कैपिटील , राजधानी Mumbai is the capitol of Maharastra.
Car कार I like my Tata Car, it’s too old.
Card कार्ड , टिकट , ताश के जैसा My visiting card is very costly as it’s made by a professional.
Care देखभाल We need someone who cares about my baby.
Career आजीविका As a career, I like teaching.
Carry ढोना , ले जाना Plz decrease your bags wait, I can not put them on my head & carry them on the platform.
Case मामला I am too nervous in this case.
Catch पकड़ना Rahul, please catch him, do not let him go.
Cause कारण The heavy rain caused flooding in many low-lying areas.
Center केंद्र My exam center is in Mumbai.
Central केंद्रीय The central theme of the novel is love and peace.
Certain कुछ For that certain time, I stubbed to stop thinking and then leave it to go.
Certainly निश्चित रूप से , जरूर , अवश्य ,यकीनन If you need any assistance, I can certainly lend a helping hand.
Chair कुर्सी This chair is made by Neel Kamal company.
Challenge चुनौती , ललकार Do not challenge me in football, I am ready for cricket.
Chance अवसर You have a good chance to get this job.
Change परिवर्तन If you want to get this job then change your attitude and behavior.
Character चरित्र , विशेषता Your character can define your living style.
Charge शुल्क They charge 500 Rs per month per person.
Check जाँच करना Check your bag properly, I kept my purse inside the bag.
Child बच्चा That child is too quiet.
Children बच्चे , बच्चों का समूह There are many children who are playing football.
Choice पसंद , चुनाव , विकल्प You have 2 choices: Sachin & Ganguli.
Choose चुनना Please choose any one of them: Rahul & Rohit.
Church गिरजाघर This church is near to my home.
Citizen नागरिक All Indian citizens need visas for travel to the USA.
City शहर Mumbai City is a big & clean city in India.
Class कक्षा , वर्ग , श्रेणी I booked my ticket for the sleeper class.

Satyam is in the 5th class this year.

Clear साफ़ Your voice is not clear, please speak slowly – slowly.
Clearly स्पष्ट रूप से Please say clearly, I can’t understand your thinking.
Cling चिपकी , चिपकना Despite the wind and rain, the leaves still clung to the trees.
Close बंद करना , नजदीक , पास , घनिष्ठ In this market, all shops close on Sunday.

Ram is my very close friend.

Coach प्रशिक्षक , खिलाडी को सिखानेवाला My cricket coach was a national player.
Cold ठंडा Drinking too cold water is not for good health.
Collection संग्रह , एकत्रित Satyam has lots of collections of books.
College कॉलेज , विद्यालय जंहा पर उच्च शिक्षा दी जाती है. There are more than 200 colleges in Mumbai city.
Color रंग Rainbows are made of 7 colors.
Come आना Please come on time, so that we can complete our task before the end of the day.

Friends  उम्मीद करता हूँ कि आप लोग इन Vocabulary को ध्यान से पढ़ एवं रट रहें होंगे . याद रहे जितना ज्यादा से ज्यादा Vocabulary को आप लोग memorise कर लेंगे उतना ज्यादा अच्छा English बोल पाएंगे एवं लिख पाएंगे . इसलिए notebook उठाईये और Vocabulary की लिस्ट बनाना चालू करें .

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