What is the difference between how much and how many?

What is the difference between how much and how many? : Hello Friends, today’s post is very interesting and very important, as we will learn about two important words in this post. That word is How Much & How Many. We will learn, how to use these words in day-to-day life English conversation. English Speaking … Read more

Best Way to Learn English Vocabulary: 9 Tips & Tricks

English Vocabulary बहुत ही उपयोगी है, एक अच्छे English Spoken Person के लिए . इसकी जरुरत सिर्फ English बोलने तक ही नहीं , बल्कि Eassy Writing , Book Writing , Story Writing , Blog Writing इत्यादि में ही होती है . तात्पर्य यह है कि आपके पास जितना ज्यादा Words की संख्या होगी आप उतने … Read more

How to overcome the fear of speaking in English?

When we go to any unknown place, we fear that location because we don’t know about that place or the people who live there. Similarly, we fear speaking in English because English is not our native or mother tongue language. But trust me my friend you can remove this fear from yourself and you can … Read more

How to talk with confidence in English?

Many languages are spoken in the world but English is one of them, that people express the most. In India, there are approx 12 crore people who can understand or able to speak or talk English. Today lots of the population in India wants to speak English but they can’t do it because of fear … Read more

What is the difference between Can and Could?

Can and Could दोनों ही model verbs हैं. अक्सर English में बात-चीत या Reading के दौरान ये दोनों शब्द सुनने और पढ़ने मे आ जाते हैं. Can and Could दोनों ही word का meaning लगभग same होने के कारण confussion की स्थिति बन जाती है . आज के इस Post (What is the difference between … Read more

Boost Your Vocabulary: Tips for Improving Your Word Power Daily.

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5 English Speaking Rules You Need To Know!

अंगेजी सिखने को लेकर कई प्रकार के सवाल मन में आते रहते हैं , जैसे की फर्राटेदार English को कैसे बोले ? जब हम किसी Interview में बैठे हों तब हम Effective English Spoken कैसे करें ? बिना डरे हुए English Communication कैसे किया जाए ? ऐसे बहुत सरे प्रश्न आपके भी मन में पैदा … Read more