50 Essential English Vocabulary – Part 1

Are you really looking to expand your English vocabulary !!! if yes !!! then you are in the right place. friends, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, having a strong vocabulary is essential for improving your overall fluency in the English language. In this post, we’ll provide you a list of daily use words with meaning and examples.

Friends do you know, there are more than 4.7 lakhs words in the English language? Yes, it’s right!!!!! more than 4.7 lakh words exist in the English language but we are using approx 3000 words on daily basis.

Friends I know we cannot learn these words in one day or in one week or even one month hence we started to learn only 50 words each day. So be careful and start reading, learning, and using these words in your day-to-day conversation. I hope these words help you to enhance your vocabulary skills.

50 Essential English Vocabulary Words for Beginners:

दोस्तों English Spoken इतना hard नहीं है , जितना की लोगों ने इसका हवा बना दिया है. सिर्फ 6 month की practice में आप अच्छी खासी English Speaking करने लगेंगे . लेकिन यह तब हो पायेगा जब आप ज्यादा से ज्यादा  Vocabulary को याद कर लेंगे , और  नियमित रूप से Practice , English Writing और English Listening पर ध्यान देंगें।

दोस्तों हमने Vocabualry की एक Series स्टार्ट किया है , जिसमे हमने , हर Post में कम से कम 50 नए Vocabulary  की List, इसका हिंदी अर्थ और example दिए हैं. इसे आप याद कीजिये और इसका ज्यादा से ज्यादा प्रयोग कीजिये .


S.N English Word Hindi Meaning Example
1 Abate कम करना या घटना  , रोक-थाम करना (Abate का अर्थ होता है किसी चीज को कम करना या घटना , या फिर रोक थाम करना।  Abate के स्थान पर आप Reduce शब्द का भी प्रयोग कर सकते हैं.) You have to abate your stomach, otherwise, you can not wear these pants.

You have to reduce your stomach, otherwise, you can not wear these pants.

2 Able योग्य , सक्षम You are able to pass your exam.
3 Abolish समाप्त करना , खत्म करना Abolish your this attitude. This is not good for your health.
4 About के बारे में , किसी के बारे में This book is about Mahatma Gandhi.
5 Above ऊपर , किसी के ऊपर His height is above 6.6 inches.
6 Abuse गाली देना Don’t abuse anyone, it’s a bad habit.
7 Accept स्वीकार करना Always accept your mistakes. It will help to learn.
8 According अनुसार , किसी के अनुसार According to customer care, you will collect your luggage bag tomorrow morning.
9 Acrimony रूखापन , नोंकझोंक , कहा-सुनी The acrimony between the two political leaders reached a boiling point during the heated debate.
10 Across आर-पार , पुरे ( बड़े एरिया में ) I have friends across the world.

The store has branches across the country.

11 Act कार्य करना , एक्शन लेना Don’t act like a fresher.
12 Action कार्य , क्रिया , कार्यवाई , लड़ाई Please take quick action on every weak student for better results.
13 Activity गतिविधि , हलचल , सक्रियता Extra activity, like playing cricket is important for better health.
14 Agree सहमति ,  राजी होना , अनुकूल होना I totally agree with your points.
15 Agreement समझौता , करार We have an agreement between me and the land owner.
16 Ahead आगे , आगे बढ़ना , प्रगति की ओर I can see the traffic jam ahead, we should take a different route.
17 Air वायु In Mumbai, Air Pollution is too high.
18 All सभी All companies are doing marketing except my company.
19 Allow अनुमति देना Please allow me to catch him, or he will leave.
20 Allude संकेत करना He alluded me a job offer during our conversation.
21 Almost लगभग, सर्वाधिक We almost finished our task before the end of the day.
22 Alone अकेला How long will you stay alone, get married now?
23 Along साथ में , साथ – साथ , बगल में Sachin & Dravid play cricket along with Ganguly.
24 Already पहले से , पहले से किया हुआ I have already done my homework.
25 Also भी,भी साथ ही , इसके अलावा She is a doctor, and she also teaches at a university.
26 Altar वेदी , पूजा स्थल , यज्ञ कुंड The priest (पुजारी ) stood at the altar and began to perform the Aarti.
27 Although यद्यपि , हालाँकि , यद्यपि Although she studied hard for the exam, she still didn’t do well.
28 Always हमेशा , सदैव , सर्वदा , नित्य , लगातार , हरदम She always wakes up in the morning to go for a jog.
29 American अमेरिकन , अमेरिका में रहने वाले नागरिक American like to play football while Indians like cricket.
30 Among के बीच, बीच में , से घिरा , मिलकर The King divided his kingdom among the 3 princesses.
31 Amount मात्रा, रकम, धनराशि He donated a large amount of money to the charity.
32 Analysis विश्लेषण , जांच , छान-बीन The doctor ordered blood analysis to check the right diseases.
33 And और You and I both are Indian.
34 Animal जानवर There are lots of animals in Africa.
35 Another एक और, अन्य, दूसरा या दूसरा कोई , दूसरे प्रकार का The doctor is not available today, plz come back another day.
36 Answer उत्तर Please give my questions answered with yes or no.
37 Any कोई, कोई एक, एक , किसी तरह I don’t have any choice.
38 Anyone कोई भी Does anyone remember him?
39 Anything कुछ भी They play anything on the ground.
40 Appear के जैसा लगना, रूप लेना , पेषी होना , उपस्थित होना The text appears blurry on my computer screen.
41 Apply आवेदन करना I am going to apply for a job at the new company.
42 Approach दृष्टिकोण The company is taking a new approach to marketing its product.
43 Argue बहस करना , तर्क करना , उलझ जाना The couple is arguing loudly in the hotel.
44 Arise उठना ,उदय होना , दिखना A conflict may arise if you don’t handle the current situation.
45 Arm बाजू , बांह , भुजा He broke his arm while playing basketball.
46 Around आस-पास, चारो ओर , इर्द – गिर्द , आस – पास There is a lot of construction happening around the city.
47 Arrive आना , पहुंचना , लक्ष्य प्राप्त करना , पधारना The train will arrive in the next 10 minutes.
48 Art कला , कौशल Playing football is an art.
49 Article लेख, अनुच्छेद The article must be 500 words.
50 Artist कलाकार Ramesh is not only a player but also a good artist.

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