50 Essential English Vocabulary List – Part 2

Friends , English Comunication करने के लिए आपके पास ज्यादा से ज्यादा Vocabualry का knowledge होना जरुरी है . इसलिए दोस्तों English Vocabualry की हमने एक Series शुरुवात की है, जिसमे हर Post में कम से कम 50 Vocabulary की List, meaning and examples भी है. यह Series आपके लिए English Spoken की इस Journey में important role play करेगा .

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50 Essential English Vocabulary List – Part 2


Sr.No English Word Hindi Meaning Example
1 As जैसा , की तरह , जितना , जैसे कि He got a job as a cook.
2 Ask पूछना , प्रश्न पूछना You may ask me any questions.
3 Assume मान लेना , कल्पना करना I assume, there are many people in the hall.
4 At पर ( At Preposition है इस प्रयोग Location & Place बताने के लिए होता है  ) My children always go to bed at ten o’clock.

Such people always meet at the bus stand.

5 Attack आक्रमण करना , वार Before the enemy attacks us, we should attack them.
6 Attention ध्यान , ध्यान देना , The teacher asked the student to pay attention during the lecture.
7 Attorney प्रतिनिधि , न्यायवादी The defendant hired a skilled attorney to represent him in court.
8 Audience श्रोता , दर्शक Not even a single audience came to the ground during the match.
9 Author लेखक , रचयिता , ग्रंथकार There were many authors in India during the 19th century, but Munshi Premchand was great.
10 Authority अधिकार The police have the authority to arrest individuals who break the law.
11 Available उपलब्ध , मौजूद The nurses are available always on the 3rd floor in the medical center.
12 Avoid टालना Try to avoid bad habits such as smoking & drinking.
13 Away दूर Be away from my house, I don’t like you.
14 Baby बच्चा , बच्ची Wow !! that baby is too cute.
15 Back पीछे , वापस , पीछे की तरफ He was given back his Job.
16 Bad खराब , बुरा , गुणहीन My health is very bad these days.
17 Bag थैला , झोला As soon as school opens, shopkeepers increase the price of school bags.
18 Bar छड़ , डंडा , /  मधुशाला , Construction companies use high-quality bars for making buildings.

Every day bars open after 10 PM.

19 Base आधार , नींव , मूल , तल The base of the statue was made of marble.
20 Bawdy गंदा , अश्लील The party was getting bawdy after midnight.
21 Be होना Don’t be late for the meeting.
22 Beat पीटना , ताल , हराना She beat him easily at chess.
23 Beautiful सुंदर Radhika is a beautiful girl.
24 Because क्योंकि , चूँकि We did it because we felt it was our duty.
25 Become बनना , होना , हो जाना Trisha wanted to become a doctor.
26 Bed बिस्तर Please go to your bed and sleep.
27 Before पहले , पूर्व में I will reach there before the given time.
28 Begin शुरू करना , प्रारम्भ The movie will begin in the next 10 minutes.
29 Behavior व्यवहार , वर्ताव , चाल – चलन His behavior is not good but his brother’s behavior is too good.
30 Behind पीछे , पीछे की ओर , पिछड़ी स्थिति में Don’t leave me behind.
31 Believe विश्वास करना , भरोसा करना I believe he will pass his exam.
32 Benefit फ़ायदा , लाभ Regular exercise has numerous benefits for both physical and mental health.
33 Best श्रेष्ठ , सबसे अच्छा This is the best pizza I have ever tasted.
34 Better बेहतर She worked hard to become a better singer.
35 Between बीच में , के मध्य में The competition is between two girls.
36 Beyond आगे , परे , से अधिक , The party lasted beyond midnight.
37 Big बड़ा I am your big fan.
38 Bill बिल , विद्येयक The bill for their meal came to Rs 4500.
39 Black काला , अंधकार , सांवला Robin is too black hence Rema doesn’t like him.
40 Bleed ब्लीड , खून बहना या बहाना She cut his finger and it began to bleed.
41 Blood खून Blood donation is our primary duty.
42 Blue नीला कलर He wore a blue t-shirt.
43 Board तख़्ता , मंडल , समिति सवार होना She wrote her name on the board.

The airplane started to board at 7 AM.

44 Body शरीर Her body is very slim.
45 Book किताब Please give me that book.
46 Born जन्म Please share your born place.
47 Both दोनों , दोनों लोग Both people are too much hungry.
48 Box डिब्बा This tiffin box is sufficient for me.
49 Boy लड़का This is a boy whose age is 10 years.
50 Break तोड़ना Don’t break any rules and regulations of the school.

Friends, I understand, English learning, reading, and speaking are not easy but it’s not too hard also. If you give your daily 1-2 hours to English, you will definitely learn, understand, and speak English very well. You have to learn maximum English vocabulary and have to practice on a daily basis. I hope you like this Vocabulary series. please share your suggestions, feedback, and love through your comments.


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