Indefinite Pronouns | Definition and Examples

Pronouns के विषय में हम सभी जानते हैं कि Noun के स्थान पर Use किया जाने वाला Word , Pronoun कहलाता है. हमने अपने पिछले कई Posts में इसके बारे में Details में जानकारी हासिल की थी. कुछ Post में हम लोगों ने इसके अन्य Types के बारे में भी पढ़ा था. आज के इस Post (Indefinite Pronouns | Definition and Examples) में हम लोग Indefinite Pronouns के बारे में जानेगें और इसे समझेंगें.

Indefinite Pronouns
Indefinite Pronouns

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What is an Indefinite Pronoun?

Indefinite Pronoun को हिंदी व्याकरण में अनिश्चयवाचक सर्वनाम कहते हैं. अर्थात ऐसे Pronouns Word जिनसे किसी निश्चित व्यक्ति या वस्तु का बोध न होता हो उन्हें Indefinite Pronoun कहते हैं. जैसे –

  • There is something. ( वंहा कुछ है.)
  • Someone is coming. ( कोई आ रहा है.)
  • They are eating something. (वे कुछ खा रहे हैं.)

ऊपर के दिए हुए Examples में कुछ निश्चिता नहीं दिखाई देती है. पहले वाक्य को पढ़ने से मालूम होता है कि – वंहा कुछ है ,लेकिन क्या है  यह नहीं पता. इसी तरह दूसरे Sentence में भी कोई आ रहा है, लेकिन कौन है वह, यह नहीं पता. और तो और तीसरे Sentence में भी  – वे लोग कुछ खा रहे हैं लेकिन क्या खा रहे हैं, यह नहीं पता.

यंहा पर प्रयोग होनेवाले Something, Someone, ऐसे शब्द Indefinite Pronouns हैं.


The pronoun that does not indicate any definite person or thing is called an indefinite pronoun. or

Indefinite Pronouns are a category of Pronouns that refer to non-specific people, or things. They represent an unknown or unspecified number or quantity.

Some Important Points:-

  • Some indefinite pronouns are formed by various combinations of No-, Any-, Some- and Every- with -thing, -one, and -body. Like Anything, Someone, etc.
  • कुछ Indefinite pronouns जैसे No-, Any-, Some- and Every- और  -thing, -one, and -body के विभिन्न संयोजनों से बनते हैं। जैसे – Anyone, Someone etc.
  • -One and -Body का  Combination का प्रयोग People के लिए किया जाता है. जैसे – Anybody, Anyone etc.
  • इसी तरह -thing का प्रयोग Things के लिए किया जाता है. जैसे – Everything , Anything etc.



List of Indefinite Pronouns:-

कुछ Important Indefinite Pronouns in English निचे दिए हुए है , जिसे आप बहुत ही आसानी से याद रख सकते हैं.

Anybody, Everybody, Nobody, Somebody, Anyone, Everyone, No One, Someone, Anything, Everything, Nothing, Something.

Indefinite Pronouns Hindi Meaning Examples
Any कोई Is there any biscuit in the refrigerator?
Another एक और Another one of them entered the room.
Anyone कोई भी or कोई Has anyone seen my car’s key?
Anything कुछ भी Anything you like from me?
Anybody कोई भी Is anybody there at home?
Anywhere कहीं भी We can go anywhere for the party.
Everything सब कुछ Everything was ready for the party.
Everybody हर कोई Everybody reached there on time.
Everyone हर कोई Everyone is invited to the party.
Nobody कोई नहीं There is nobody in the party; it is empty.
None कोई नहीं None of the options seem suitable for me.
Nothing कुछ नहीं Nothing happened yesterday.
Nowhere कहीं नहीं The answer is nowhere in the textbook.
Other अन्य Some people like coffee; others like tea.
Someone कोई Someone left their tiffin box in the office.
Somebody कोई ( आदमी या औरत ) Somebody left their key on the table.
Something कुछ Did you hear something outside the window?
Somewhere कहीं I left the key somewhere in the office.
Both दोनों I think I love both.
Many अनेक ( बहुत सारे The library has many resources for research.
Several अनेक I invited several friends to the party.
Any कोई भी Do you have any plans for the weekend?
All सभी I ate all the cookies.
Some कुछ ( मात्रा ) Can you pass me some water?


Types of Indefinite Pronouns:-

Indefinite Pronouns के Uses के हिसाब से इसे निम्न तरह से Categorized किया गया है.

  1. Singular:– Anyone, Someone, Nobody, Everybody, Anything, Something, Nothing, Each, Either, Neither.
  2. Plural:- All, Some, None, Both, Few, Many, Several etc.
  3. Singular & Plural:- All, Some, None, Any, Most, All, More, None etc.
  4. Uncertain Amount:- All, Some, Any, None, More, Most, etc.
  5. Negative:- Nobody, None, Nothing, Neither.
  6. Universal:- All, Everyone, Everything, Everywhere.
  7. Relative:- Whoever, Whomever, Whatever, Whichever.
  • Everything is going well here.
  • Someone wants to speak to you.
  • Is anyone still outside?
  • Something is happening outside.
  • I can not do anything for you.


Test Your Knowledge:-

  1. I lent my phone to …………………. on the bus.
  2. I think …………………….. took my English textbook.
  3. ………..has the right to judge others.
  4. ………..of the information was accurate.
  5. I think I love………
  6. …………… here to see you.
  7. There is ………….in my eye.
  8. You can buy ………………….you want.
  9. ……………enjoyed the concert.
  10. Buy to pen and get …………for free.

Ans: 1- Someone, 2- someone or somebody, 3- No one, 4- None, 5- Both, 6- Somebody, 7- Something, 8- Anything, 9- Everyone, 10- Another.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

  • What is an indefinite pronoun?

Ans:- An indefinite pronoun is a pronoun that is used to substitute nouns that are not specific. Like someone, somebody, anyone, anything, etc. or

  • What is the list of Indefinite Pronouns?

Ans:-  Anyone, No one, Anywhere, Somewhere, Somebody, etc.


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