Modal verbs in English: Learn in Hindi

It is very important to have knowledge of basic English Grammar to learn English & we are slowly learning this. In today’s post (Modal verbs in English: Learn in Hindi), we will get some important information about Modal Verbs. It is very important to have knowledge of Modal Verbs. Speaking and writing English becomes very … Read more

Uses of A An and The in Sentence.

Friends, there are three articles in the English language, A An and The. These articles are divided into two parts, Definite & Indefinite. A and An are both Indefinite Articles while The is a Definite Article. Through today’s post (Uses of A An and The in Sentence.), we will learn to use A, An, and … Read more

What is the difference between Can and Could?

Can and Could दोनों ही model verbs हैं. अक्सर English में बात-चीत या Reading के दौरान ये दोनों शब्द सुनने और पढ़ने मे आ जाते हैं. Can and Could दोनों ही word का meaning लगभग same होने के कारण confussion की स्थिति बन जाती है . आज के इस Post (What is the difference between … Read more

50 Animal Names in English and Hindi: Vocabulary

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Learn the pronunciation of C: English Pronunciation

The meaning of Pronunciation is – “The way of speaking words”. There are different ways of speaking words in any language, this method can be called Pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is essential for effective communication in any language because it enables the listener to understand what the speaker is saying. Friends, through this blog ( … Read more

Parts of the Body: English Vocabulary 

Vocabulary का हिंदी अर्थ होता है -“शब्दावली”. आपके पास जितने ज्यादा Vocabulary की जानकारी होगी आपको English Spoken में उतना ज्यादा फायदा होगा. With the help of a good vocabulary, you can express yourself clearly and accurately and it is also essential for effective communication, be it in written or oral form. Friends, in today’s … Read more

100 Vocabulary start with “A”: Vocabulary List 

Vocabulary is an essential component of language and conversation. The more words you know, the easier it will be for you to have a conversation. Having a wide, varied, and correct vocabulary allows us to express ourselves more accurately and effectively. Today in this blog post (100 Vocabulary start with “A”: Vocabulary List ), we … Read more